photo mikekire com 00013 0468 - Wedding in Venice

Wedding in Venice

Wedding Ceremony at gandolle!
00005 - Venice 05.10.11

Venice 05.10.11

photo mikekire com 00012 5766 - Wedding in Verona

Wedding in Verona

Свадьба в доме Джульетты и небольшой фотосет на ее балконе, так хорошо знакомом месте  миллионам туристов со всего мира. Затем прогулка на карете к дому Ромео.
mikekire com 00013 - Wedding in Venice 11.08.2011

Wedding in Venice 11.08.2011

Photo shoot in Venice. Very funny and gay couples. Three hours passed a photo shoot like 3 minutes. At the end of filming we sitting on the beach, dangling legs and drank champagne. Suddenly appeared affable man with an accordion and started to sing and play for us. Floating by the gondoliers as they sang a familiar tune. It was a very positive atmosphere.
mikekire com 00062 - Heraklion, Crete, Greece

Heraklion, Crete, Greece

I like to shoot in Crete, friendly people, excellent sea views and good Greek wine pull me back here again and again
mikekire com 00032 - Matrimonio a D’ISCHIA, ITALY

Matrimonio a D’ISCHIA, ITALY

cuba web 00008 - Wedding in Cuba

Wedding in Cuba

master 00214 - Wedding in Cuba, continued

Wedding in Cuba, continued

It’s still more shoots from Cuba
mikekire 00107 - Wedding in Cuba Vadim & Olga

Wedding in Cuba Vadim & Olga

mikekire 00073 - My Cuba trip

My Cuba trip

Stunningly beautiful beaches, no tourists, even locals seldom appear here.
mikekire 00016 - Shoot for my friends wedding

Shoot for my friends wedding

The wedding of my friends: Lewis from Jamaica, and Yadyra, Nadyne from Canada and Alex. From many countries people are coming to Cuba, leave there are heart forever. This is not surprising. Love vibes and fly into the local atmosphere. 🙂
mikekire 00006 - Wedding in Cuba Vova & Yana

Wedding in Cuba Vova & Yana

photo mikekire com 00028 - Wedding shoot in Prague

Wedding shoot in Prague

Fun and easy to communicate couple a good sense of humor and elegance.
photo mikekire com 00053 - Wedding in Dominican

Wedding in Dominican

shoot the delightful places ! After the paste and Chianti to Roma and cigars. (@From Italy to the Dominican Republic!!)))
photo mikekire com 00014 - Secrets of the Venetian court

Secrets of the Venetian court

photo mikekire com 00030 - Wedding in San Remo

Wedding in San Remo

First organized by me wedding in San Remo.
photo mikekire com 00012 8801 - J'aime Paris

J’aime Paris

Paris, city of love, emotions and romance.
photo mikekire com 00587 - walk in Venice

walk in Venice

Two gay couples from Novosibirsk!! There was a lot of positive and fun!   great guys!