mikekire com 00008 - Wedding book Venice-Rome
Wedding book Venice-Rome
I am Very funny, nice guys….I was very happy to shoot for them, is not a word to describe this story!
mikekire.com 2 1470 - Wedding at Rome
Wedding at Rome
MIKE2896 - Wedding in Tivoli
Wedding in Tivoli
mikekire.com2182 - Wedding photo session
Wedding photo session
I was pleased to spend a few hours with a magnificent couple! Two weeks later, the bride sent me a letter of thanks : “Mike I’m so happy with your amazing work! Thank you for being the very best! We loved our day! A true artist in every way! We loved how you captured US along with thousands of people in Rome who showed up for our wedding day. You got it all–from the paparazzi to the cappuccino break and everything in between! Grazie!!
mikekire.com13219 - K & G get married in Venice
K & G get married in Venice
Wedding in Venice. Beautiful wedding for a nice couple of K & G, thank you for choosing me as a photographer in this important day of your life. Wedding inVenice. At the time when I do a photo shoot also I shoot the same video. Modern professional camera allows me to shoot video & photos as well
mikekire.com 40 - Umbria vacation
Umbria vacation
An exciting vacation a couple of newlyweds on Umbria
mikekire.com 1044 - Fashion Design
Fashion Design
Fashion Design Wedding&Evening dress  
mikekire.com 1124 - Betrothal Rings
Betrothal Rings
Photoshoot ring proposal for a pleasant couple from NY
mikekire.com 00012 - Venice party
Venice party
Girls Venice party
mikekire 254 - Roma: How Spend the Holidays
Roma: How Spend the Holidays
Photo shoot for a nice couple from London
mikekire 009 960x750 - 23.05.16.DISHA
mikekire.com 5 - Marriage proposal E&L
Marriage proposal E&L
Marriage proposal in Rome a nice couple from Canada
mikekire 025 - Holidays in February
Holidays in February
Vicki holidays. Shoot by camera Leica ME lens: Summilux 1.4/35 ASPH APO Summicron 2/75 ASPH This is my favorite photo shoot because I did it on camera Leica M. The famous company makes great cameras for true connoisseurs!!!!
mikekire.com 156 - K&A proposal
K&A proposal
I was so happy to see this important moment, a moment that will be remembered for a lifetime !
mikekire.com 81 1 - Shooting at the Conference
Shooting at the Conference
Shooting at the Conference  The Ocean Sanctuary Alliance (OSA) is a movement within the United Nations to achieve increased ocean protection by member states as part of Sustainable Development Goal 14.
mikekire.com 83 - Kevin&Vivien
Wedding photoshoot one nice couple Kevin&Vivien from China
mikekire.com 24 960x750 - Virginia
Photo shoot in the mountains All shooting is done on the camera Leica M
mikekire 026 960x750 - Ruben & Ani
Ruben & Ani
A nice photo shoot for a nice couple