Photographer in Rome
Real Wed: Leila and Alex’s Roman Portrait Session
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Photographer in Italy
Espousal at St. Peter’s Square, Rome
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mikekire.com 10 - Love story at  Rome
Love story at Rome
MIKE7856 - Amazing  Pre-Wed Portrait Session, Rome
Amazing Pre-Wed Portrait Session, Rome
my new publication  http://www.inspiredbride.net/2015/01/03/pre-wedding-photo-shoot-rome-italy/?picture=2#marker This amazing wedding portrait session comes to us from Mike Kire, based in Rome, Italy! Here’s what Mike has to say about the shoot: Alex and Leila are an amazing couple, it was a pleasure to spend a few hours with both of them, getting to know them better and capturing their photos around the streets and alleys of Rome and then at the Castel Sant’angelo. We started off near the Colosseum and made our way closer into the central city of Rome. Pre-wedding shoots are getting more and more popular among couples from all over the world. To ensure an […]
Venice – amazing place to take photo
Perhaps, one can hardly find a person who would never have heard of the beautiful Venice, the pearl of the Adriatic Sea. And, despite the fact that there are lots of elegant, beautiful, inviting and mysterious places on the Earth, it is Venice that captures people’s interest most. This is because the nature of the city, which is like the Beauty itself, streaming and crystal-clear. It seems to soar in the air, like a Mirage. The scientists have it that this fragility will not remain with us for too long, and in some 20 years we may lose it forever […]
mikekire com 00036 - Venetian Carnival 2013 !
Venetian Carnival 2013 !
Photos of The Venetian Carnival participants and their adorable costumes masks
Bridal stir the Italian way
Wedding photography in the eternal city of Rome, or in charming Florence, in delightful Venice, in romantic Verona, in hot Sicily that would drive you mad with its riot of color and mafia secrecy. Toscana and Veneto, Liguria and Emilia Romania, Calabria and Lazio – they are also to your choice. Rome. It is compelling with its architecture. In daytime it is crowded and noisy, and at night it is peopleless and enigmatic, penetrating into your heart and remaining there forever. The Eternal City. Touch the stones of the ancient Coliseum, the ancient Roman amphitheatre construction of which was finished […]
Unusual photography for wedding
Memorable photographs are not always posed and do not depend entirely on the scenery in the frame. Of course, a castle, a fireplace, an antique armchair or a chandelier, coupled with the right models can help. But will there be life in it, or just statics and tension of the moment? The ability to render life in a still image—that is true talent! Few photographers are capable of capturing the aesthetics of the moment without interfering with their presence. A talented photographer can experience the moment, and pass it on; and then, together with you, enjoy unique and memorable frames, […]
Photography in Cuba
I’ve completed another exciting trip, which included lots of positive emotions from vivid adventures with a remarkable couple, Nastia and Andrey. The photo shoot took place on a yacht in the open ocean, at a safe distance from a tornado. I don’t know why the Pacific Ocean is called “pacific”– the weather can change in a matter of minutes. A shoot beside a pink ’59 Cadillac around Varadero also provided the newlyweds with a great deal of beautiful images. The shooting was done with the Canon EF 70-200mm f/2.8L IS II USM and Canon EF 16-35 f/2.8 II USM, bodies […]
Summer solemnity
A wedding is one of the most precious days in the life of lovers. On the day when they become united, not only by the power of their feelings but by the bond of wedlock, nothing should cloud this day—it must be the brightest of days.
Lessons in Wedding photography
Composition (essey, making up, layout — Lat.) is combining separate elements into one artistic whole, in which the elements are displayed most vividly in a specific visual form. The artwork is built on the yielding of all of the less significant elements to the main subject and theme, which is central to the construction. The elements of the composition are supported by light, tone system, color scheme, the moment, zoom, exposure, accents, and various contrasts. Composition is not an independent player. Just as speech is the outlet for the thoughts, composition serves only as a means for reflection of the […]
Ideas for marriage vows
Preparing for a wedding is not an easy task. Your head spins from all of the preparations, yet they are pleasant. The core thing is to remember that you love each other and will be together forever. During the ceremony, the bride and groom are asked about their consent, to which question each of them shall answer – either “yes” or “no.” The thing is, instead of simply saying “yes” they can also exchange vows. The audience would be deeply moved, but the main thing is your “sweetheart” will never forget that moment. This is what we would suggest: It […]