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I am glad to welcome you, dear friends! A professional wedding photographer with many years of experience developing from hundreds of sealed happy couples in Italy is ready to cooperate with you. Thanks to professional flair and a great experience, I can foresee the sincere expression of newlyweds’ emotions. High-quality photography in Venice and gorgeous photos are guaranteed. I’m ready to provide you with:

  • wedding photoshoot;
  • engagement photoshoot;
  • honeymoon photoshoot;
  • family photoshoot;
  • vacation photoshoot.

Wedding photographer in Venice, Italy captures your marriage in a charming unusual destination

The time is near at hand and one of the happiest days in your life is coming. There is a wedding going on and a reliable photographer is of a great need for you. Wedding is one of the most important events in our life. And of course, I strongly desire the cherished day to be perfect, so that everything will be filled with sun, happiness, and beauty. The beginning of a new life together will be like a fairy tale with a happy end! Venice is the perfect place for a wedding. This is a city, where everything is created with both soul and passion. It has everything to make your day unforgettable: amazing places — terraces with a commanding view of the city, cozy villas, the coast, the atmosphere, food.

The passion, the emotion, the true love are the most important things that wedding photographer (Venice, Italy) will display in the photo

The whole festive day is only yours, only you will enjoy the admiring guests’ glances, the sincere words of relatives and friends, the touching pronunciation of the lifelong words, the first family kiss…Venice is truly the majestic and extraordinary Adriatic Queen. The most romantic and mysterious city in the world. The city is full of secrets and legends, wisdom and greatness. Bright sunlight touches the smooth canals’ surface, and light mist silvers the toy houses’ tops. “La Serenissima” or “Serene” – the Italians call Venice affectionately. Tell me, wasn’t you dreaming of such a wedding? I will make sure no happy smile steals by me.

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Make you dream to get married in romantic city come true and do not forget about wedding photography in Venice

That wedding photo shoot remains a favorite type of work for me. After all, it contains all the different genres. Only the best wedding photographer will be able to turn one of the most important days of a young family into an imprint of both real and unforgettable fairy tale in Venice, looking at which you will be able to feel the holiday trend throughout life.

Professional engagement photographer (Venice, Italy)

You are in love and will soon recognize each other as your halves officially – this means the most romantic time has come in your life! Why not capture it? Mark the engagement with a beautiful photo shoot. Imagine how pleasant it will be to look at both high-quality and emotional images years later.

Where are the most beautiful places to have an engagement photography in Venice?

In Venice, you will find love everywhere, hearing it in all languages, it will certainly touch you! Do you still ponder where to make a proposal to your beloved one? Dorsoduro district, the bridge of the Academy and San Marco. We’ll peek into tiny lanes with picturesque bridges over narrow canals, catching magical lighting and morning sun, dancing and laughing… Perhaps engagement photography Venice will just successfully supplement your love story!

What you need to know about proposal photographer (Venice, Italy) service

You will receive 100 perfectly processed images in 2 weeks, which you are guaranteed to be delighted with. Photos of the highest quality will be available for download via the wetransfer.com web resource. All photography will be performed on a medium format camera Fujifilm GFX 100! 100 megapixel is a really incredibly high resolution!!! (102 Megapixel resolution censore).
The amazing quality of such images gives you the opportunity to print large photos or posters on several meters long.
With the advent of technology, which brought various options of lighting quickly and effectively outdoors, the formal portrait has also moved outdoor. Portable ‘off camera’ flashes and strobes have made life easier for photographers wanting to experiment with ambient and artificial lighting. The Profoto B10 lights we use are about best in the business. They are light, portable, consistent in terms of output intensity and color.

Save emotions from the surprise proposal in Venice for the whole life with professional photos

Still thinking about the engagement diversification? Organize a warm silent photo session in Venice and she will be grateful to you for sure. This is one of the most practical options – you can “kill two hares” at once this way. On the one hand, you will find a photographer for your future wedding, having checked him “in action”. On the other hand, you will understand what a photo session is (if you haven’t had such experience before) and what is waiting for you at the wedding. And, of course, these photos can be used at a festive banquet or in the celebration decoration – it is very touching!

Honeymoon photographer in Venice for your vacation memories

After an intense period of wedding preparation, the newlyweds want to recuperate, relax and enjoy each other’s company at the end of the celebration. This period is designed to forget about all the problems. This is a great opportunity to retire with your loved one in order to feel a true pleasure and lots of pleasant experiences in both picturesque and romantic city of Venice. Pleasant and high-quality photos made by experienced honeymoon photographer will remind you of this journey in the cold snowy winter, sitting by the warm fireplace with a cup of tea.

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Why just married choose the honeymoon photoshoot in Venice

The meaning of the honeymoon lies in the lovers’ solitude, which is so lacking in the modern dynamic world. Moreover, the rest is bound to bring pleasure, and Venice is the perfect place for vivid emotions, pleasant memories and unforgettable photos from honeymoon photoshoot .

Honeymoon photography (Venice) as a wedding gift

Often, we begin to regret of impossibility to return to the past when the most intense moments of our lives have already passed, especially in Venice. However, there is a way out. Having worked with hundreds of happy couples, I know exactly how to make the best photos so that you would not even feel my presence. It’s really easy to work with me, being a professional family photographer in Venice. I guarantee:

  • quality photos;
  • unobtrusiveness;
  • attention to details;
  • individual approach;
  • nice Venice photographer price;
  • pleasant conversations.

Also you can be interested in Venice vacation photographer for the family photoshoot. Why the best way to capture your holiday is to hire the family photographer (Venice)? Just imagine that you will get the photography from holiday (Venice) instead unnecessary souvenirs.
Looking forward for your decision to choose family photoshoot in Venice with me.

Let`s make your best photosession ever
How long does a photo session last?

Firstly, you can choose three duration of photoshoot. There are an hour photo session, 2 hours and 4 hours (2 hours In the morning and 2 hours in the evening).

Which locations will we visit to take photo?

I will be pleased to take photo shots with you at the most exciting and famous places in Venice: St. Mark’s Square, St. Mark’s Campanile, Riva degli Schiavoni, The Little Canals, The Bridge of Sighs.  Pay attention, you should choose between three alternative of photoshoots packs to have certain combination of that locations.

How to get to the location?

Most of the photoshoot places are on pedestrian area, but if you want to delivery I could order a special VIP minivan Mercedes with the driver have official permission. They’re can go even in a pedestrian area.

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