Photographer in Venice

A Wedding Photographer In Venice & Beyond

Venice remains the pearl of the Adriatic Sea and provides the stunning background couples want for their special photoshoots. The city is the embodiment of beauty, combining flowing, clear waters with gorgeous architecture and a general air of whimsy and mystery. The frailty of Venice contributes to its enigmatic air, as it may be lost to the water in as little as 20 years. My work as a photographer in Venice means I am here to provide couples with beautiful photos that make it obvious why the city is so timeless and unforgettable. The Doges Palace, the Rialto Bridge, the churches, the Basilicas, and the ancient coastal cafes are just some of the places I shoot my clients in.
01.07.2018 037 960x750 - Beautiful quinceañera

Beautiful quinceañera

Photo session for beautiful Isabella, celebrate her Quinceañera’s dream!   
29.04.2018 077 960x750 - Real wedding in Rome

Real wedding in Rome

Wedding photography is what I am very passionate about & I absolutely love photographing weddings. I am very honored to be allowed into your lives on your wedding day and embrace the oppurtunity in telling your story through my photographic vision. Creating beautiful & real images that will both move and evoke you. The style of my photography is a very natural creative documentary one fused with stylish & creative portraits.
13.04.2018 013 960x750 - Marriage proposal

Marriage proposal

‘The best day ever’, the proposal is actually that one time when it’s just about you and your partner, which makes it even more special. I was so excited to capture pictures of the propose for really nice couple in Piazza Navona! This is a stunning view of the most beautiful locations in Rome.
25.01.2018 1001 960x750 - Two sisters

Two sisters

Photoshoot for two ordinary girls from Mexico
02.11.2017 220 960x750 - Fashion Magazine

Fashion Magazine

Shooting for the American Fashion Magazine. The unique character of some model  and brand identity is the visible image of a product. For example, someone’s image means a sense of identity and fashion and clothing are central. Setting up my photos: Neat urban background – lots of detail but the bokeh prevents the cityscape from overwhelming the fashion mode.  Awesome perspective.Pose/Framing: Simple pose with the subject looking into the “negative” space so that the subject first catches the eye and then the viewer looks at the rest of the picture in the direction that the subject is lookig. Colours: Contrast […]
24.10.2017 093 960x750 - Wong&Yang in Venice

Wong&Yang in Venice

Pre-wedding photosession a nice couple Wong and Yang from Shanghai Mike Kire works with high quality instruments with a strong artistic and theatrical impression. Its photographic services combine the will to compose, capture and portray with a solid technical preparation, resulting in the obtaining of full and meaningful and stylistic images.
24.10.2017 024 960x750 - Capri Fashion

Capri Fashion

Shots for Capri Fashion magazine
23.10.2017 007 960x750 - Proposal in Rome

Proposal in Rome

Wonderful couple on Trevi fountain enjoying each other after she said YES!!
15.09.2017 009 960x750 - Roma honeymoon

Roma honeymoon

What is Roman honeymoon without a nice portrait from this incredible city?! Amazing couple from USA, Brandon and Megan, forever in LOVE…
02.08.2017 406 960x750 - Castelli Romani Trip

Castelli Romani Trip

My dear friends! Mike Kire developed a fantastic journey from Rome to Castelli Romani a day trip. We will visit amazing places on my blue minivan on a ride. It is located near Rome, 25 km from Rome. The trip will be around  7 hours on the way.  This includes my work and all pictures taken photoshoot by me for the whole day! Castel Gandolfo, is located in the heart of the Castelli Romani and overlooks the Albano Lake from the rim of the volcanic cone. It is known for the beauty of nature surrounding it, and for the elegance of […]
06.07.2017 043 960x750 - Rome-Orvieto-Venice Trip

Rome-Orvieto-Venice Trip

It was an amazing experience, a trip to the three most beautiful cities in Italy, Rome Orvieto and Venice
27.06.2017 001 960x750 - Rome pre-wedding

Rome pre-wedding

Pre-wedding photo session a nice couple from Germany

Photographer in Venice