mikekire.com 008 960x750 - Jimmy&Cait from San Francisco
Jimmy&Cait from San Francisco
I had honour to meeting the sunny couple from San Francisco. We spent together great time eight hours of photo shoot. We’ve covered almost beautiful places in Rome and also visited the Villa Borgese Garden! The whole picture ben taken two types of cameras: 1) The legendary Leica M camera and the best in the world of Leica optics. Pictures made by Leica camera have saturated deep color and beautiful soft bokeh aesthetic quality of the blur produced out-of-focus part of an image produced by a Leica lens. 2)The medium format camera Fujifilm GFX 100! 100 megapixel is a really […]
mikekire.com 001 960x750 - New Line photograph
New Line photograph
My dear friends, starting today for every new photo shoot I will use a special style of editing photos including a replacement of background pics on the special patters from Photoshop and various effects!
mikekire.com 004 960x750 - Merlyn's Birthday party!
Merlyn’s Birthday party!
If you are looking for a special party experience, book a photo shoot may be the best solution. Perfect for birthday parties, holidays, or any other special occasion!
mikekire.com 037 960x750 - Surprise Proposal K&G
Surprise Proposal K&G
If you want to propose to your beloved – and of course want to make sure she says Yes – you should consider a surprise proposal in a romantic city like Rome! Do you fear it would be too complicated? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered: not only will everything run smooth, but you will also have never ending memories thanks to your proposal photographer! SURPRISE WEDDING PROPOSAL IN ROME: THE BEST SPOTS The absolute best place to propose in Rome is Top the Hill front Colosseum. Less crowded than the renowned Trevi Fountain, it offers the same astounding view […]
mikekire.com 174 960x750 - Fashion style
Fashion style
An unmissable awaits you in our charming capital…Rome Fashion street photoshoot . Rome Fashion photoshoot will not be just another fair in the fashion , but instead, exuberant and full of personality.
mikekire.com 075 960x750 - Walking around rome.
Walking around rome.
mikekire.com 037 960x750 - Beautiful quinceañera
Beautiful quinceañera
Photo session for beautiful Isabella, celebrate her Quinceañera’s dream!   
Y & S
Engagement proposal shoot Some nice couple from US
Pleasant video for a pleasant couple from Dubai.
mikekire.com 00012 - Venice party
Venice party
Girls Venice party
Venice in Love
Wedding in Venice. Beautiful wedding for a nice couple of K & G, thank you for choosing me as a photographer in this important day of your life. At the time when I do a photo shoot also I shoot the same video. Modern professional camera allows me to shoot video  &  photos as well So you can view  photos – here mikekire.com/en/wedding-venice-3/
Video clip for 5 minutes
I’m doing at the same time as the photos and video shots, after editing is a short video clip for 5 minutes long .