Sant Angelo Bridge 960x750 - Speedlite as a fill flash for outdoor portraits.
Speedlite as a fill flash for outdoor portraits.
I’m using a speedlite as a fill flash for outdoor portraits on harshly lit days without a lot of cloud coverage. This will lighten shadows on your subject’s face but won’t affect the background exposure—it will fall off by then. When photographing people by additional light or strobes closer to them or vice versa for more flattering light. When clouds drift in front of the sun, shadows get less distinct. Add fog, and the shadows disappear. Clouds, overcast skies, and fog act as diffusion—something that scatters the light in many directions. On overcast or foggy days, the entire sky, in […]
mikekire.com 004 960x750 - Merlyn's Birthday party!
Merlyn’s Birthday party!
If you are looking for a special party experience, book a photo shoot may be the best solution. Perfect for birthday parties, holidays, or any other special occasion!
mikekire.com 037 960x750 - Surprise Proposal K&G
Surprise Proposal K&G
If you want to propose to your beloved – and of course want to make sure she says Yes – you should consider a surprise proposal in a romantic city like Rome! Do you fear it would be too complicated? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered: not only will everything run smooth, but you will also have never ending memories thanks to your proposal photographer! SURPRISE WEDDING PROPOSAL IN ROME: THE BEST SPOTS The absolute best place to propose in Rome is Top the Hill front Colosseum. Less crowded than the renowned Trevi Fountain, it offers the same astounding view […]
mikekire.com 174 960x750 - Fashion style
Fashion style
An unmissable awaits you in our charming capital…Rome Fashion street photoshoot . Rome Fashion photoshoot will not be just another fair in the fashion , but instead, exuberant and full of personality.
mikekire.com 008 960x750 - BEAUTY LADY'S
This Beaty Lady’s photo shoot done for one American fashion magazine. Is the best in terms of street flash, and besides, I took the latest Profoto B10 flash for the workshop. Many people have problems choosing the right equipment, choosing a place, or placing a model in relation to the sun. I take photos in several different lighting conditions.
mikekire.com 046 960x750 - Gleen & Suzan
Gleen & Suzan
Wedding portraits have evolved in the last decade and have been immensely influenced by different styles. With the advent of technology, which brought various options of lighting quickly and effectively outdoors, the formal portrait has also moved outdoor. Portable ‘off camera’ flashes and strobes have made life easier for photographers wanting to experiment with ambient and artificial lighting. The Profoto B10 lights we use are about best in the business. They are light, portable, consistent in terms of output intensity and color.
mikekire.com 010 960x750 - Camille&Carlos
I can’t even explain how much I value the connections I make with my couples. Each and every one are so very special to me and so many have become lifelong friends.
mikekire.com 053 960x750 - Ekaterina&Vitaliy
Eternal love in the Rternal city! Catherine and Vitaly booked a photo session for 2 days, a package of 2 hours a day. We started at 7 am at the Trevi Fountain, because at 8 am the crowd. If we start early at 7 am, we will be able to take pictures of three places – the Trevi Fountain, the Pantheon and the Sant’Angelo Bridge. We will finish at 9 am or later, then you will be free until the evening. In the second part of our meeting in the evening we met on Capitol Hill, near the famous white […]
mikekire.com 073 960x750 - Andy&Mariam
I am very grateful for inviting Andy and Miriam from Switzerland to become the official photographer on Lake Como for their wedding. It was also a great opportunity to test out my new Fujifilm GFX100 megapixel camera! Great image quality, fantastic resolution
mikekire.com 024 960x750 - Miki and Jimmi
Miki and Jimmi
I find the family wedding or pre-wedding photo part of the day can be quite stressful. People are going everywhere, you’re unaware of the different family dynamics at play and people are in a ‘festive spirit’ (and have often been drinking a few spirits) to the point where it can be quite chaotic. I find it really helpful to know where we’re going, have an idea of a few positions for shots and to know how the light might come into play. As a photographer, my task is to photograph my clients as well as possible, so I help you […]
mikekire.com 018 960x750 - Robin & Mike
Robin & Mike
mikekire.com 206 960x750 - Autumn-winter 2018.
Autumn-winter 2018.
This gallery covers 300 pics captured by me from different photo shoots over the past few months
mikekire.com 037 960x750 - In the Jewish ghetto.
In the Jewish ghetto.
In the Jewish ghetto. This photo session was done in one of the oldest parts of Rome the Jewish ghetto. Such a modest and joyful couple, we enjoyed and had fun together and left unforgettable memories in the photos!
mikekire.com 037 960x750 - Beautiful quinceañera
Beautiful quinceañera
Photo session for beautiful Isabella, celebrate her Quinceañera’s dream!   
mikekire.com 220 960x750 - Fashion Magazine
Fashion Magazine
Shooting for the American Fashion Magazine. The unique character of some model  and brand identity is the visible image of a product. For example, someone’s image means a sense of identity and fashion and clothing are central. Setting up my photos: Neat urban background – lots of detail but the bokeh prevents the cityscape from overwhelming the fashion mode.  Awesome perspective.Pose/Framing: Simple pose with the subject looking into the “negative” space so that the subject first catches the eye and then the viewer looks at the rest of the picture in the direction that the subject is lookig. Colours: Contrast […]
mikekire.com 093 960x750 - Wong&Yang in Venice
Wong&Yang in Venice
Pre-wedding photosession a nice couple Wong and Yang from Shanghai Mike Kire works with high quality instruments with a strong artistic and theatrical impression. Its photographic services combine the will to compose, capture and portray with a solid technical preparation, resulting in the obtaining of full and meaningful and stylistic images.
mikekire.com 024 960x750 - Capri Fashion
Capri Fashion
Shots for Capri Fashion magazine
mikekire.com 007 960x750 - Proposition to become a wife in Rome
Proposition to become a wife in Rome
Wonderful couple on Trevi fountain enjoying each other after she said YES!!
mikekire.com 009 960x750 - Honeymooners Brendon&Megan in Rome
Honeymooners Brendon&Megan in Rome
What is Roman honeymoon without a nice portrait from this incredible city?! Amazing couple from USA, Brandon and Megan, forever in LOVE…
mikekire.com 406 960x750 - Castelli Romani Trip
Castelli Romani Trip
My dear friends! Mike Kire developed a fantastic journey from Rome to Castelli Romani a day trip. We will visit amazing places on my blue minivan on a ride. It is located near Rome, 25 km from Rome. The trip will be around  7 hours on the way.  This includes my work and all pictures taken photoshoot by me for the whole day! Castel Gandolfo, is located in the heart of the Castelli Romani and overlooks the Albano Lake from the rim of the volcanic cone. It is known for the beauty of nature surrounding it, and for the elegance of […]
mikekire.com 043 960x750 - Rome-Orvieto-Venice Trip
Rome-Orvieto-Venice Trip
It was an amazing experience, a trip to the three most beautiful cities in Italy, Rome Orvieto and Venice
mikekire.com 001 960x750 - Rome Betrothal: couple from Germany
Rome Betrothal: couple from Germany
Pre-wedding photo session a nice couple from Germany
mikekire.com 175 960x750 - Amalfi Coast Holidays!
Amalfi Coast Holidays!
My dear friends! Mike Kire developed a fantastic journey from Rome to Amalfi for a day trip. We will visit amazing places on my blue minivan and ride with a breeze on a boat around the Amalfi coast! Join with me!!!!!! I would gladly arrange Amalfi Coast trip for you. The trip will be around 3,5 hours one way road, so in total 7 hours on the way that day. We will be able to visit the most beautiful places with lunch and drinks. The overall time 13 hours. This includes my work and all pictures taken photoshoot by me […]
Rome 027 960x750 - Americans in Italy
Americans in Italy
We had to walk through the quiet streets of the old ancient city that would capture the Roman atmosphere and display this mood in photos. Authenticity, passion, detail, accuracy and imagination dominate Mike Kire’s staff work for years. They prefer a natural photographic reportage, with sober shots, without fake poses. Each photographic service is unique in its kind, kept in the slightest details in keeping with the wishes of future Customers. Discretion, seriousness and competence, coupled with willingness, cordiality and sympathy, are the main qualities of their photographic work and filmmaker.