2 November 2017

Fashion Magazine Shots

Gorgeous stunning locations in Rome, shooting for the American fashion magazine
24 October 2017

Wong&Yang in Venice

Pre-wedding photosession a nice couple Wong and Yang from Shanghai Mike Kire works with high quality instruments with a strong artistic and theatrical impression. Its photographic services combine the will to compose, capture and portray with a solid technical preparation, resulting in the obtaining of full and meaningful and stylistic images.
24 October 2017

Capri Fashion

Shots for Capri Fashion magazine
23 October 2017

Proposal in Rome

Wonderful couple on Trevi fountain enjoying each other after she said YES!!
15 September 2017

Roma honeymoon

What is Roman honeymoon without a nice portrait from this incredible city?! Amazing couple from USA, Brandon and Megan, forever in LOVE…
2 August 2017

Castelli Romani Trip

My dear friends! Mike Kire developed a fantastic journey from Rome to Castelli Romani a day trip. We will visit amazing places on my blue minivan on a ride. It is located near Rome, 25 km from Rome. The trip will be around  7 hours on the way.  This includes my work and all pictures taken photoshoot by me for the whole day! Castel Gandolfo, is located in the heart of the Castelli Romani and overlooks the Albano Lake from the rim of the volcanic cone. It is known for the beauty of nature surrounding it, and for the elegance of […]
6 July 2017

Rome-Orvieto-Venice Trip

It was an amazing experience, a trip to the three most beautiful cities in Italy, Rome Orvieto and Venice
27 June 2017

Rome pre-wedding

Pre-wedding photo session a nice couple from Germany
19 May 2017

Amalfi Coast Holidays!

My dear friends! Mike Kire developed a fantastic journey from Rome to Amalfi for a day trip. We will visit amazing places on my blue minivan and ride with a breeze on a boat around the Amalfi coast! Join with me!!!!!! I would gladly arrange Amalfi Coast trip for you. The trip will be around 3,5 hours one way road, so in total 7 hours on the way that day. We will be able to visit the most beautiful places with lunch and drinks. The overall time 13 hours. This includes my work and all pictures taken photoshoot by me […]
8 May 2017

Americans in Italy

We had to walk through the quiet streets of the old ancient city that would capture the Roman atmosphere and display this mood in photos. Authenticity, passion, detail, accuracy and imagination dominate Mike Kire’s staff work for years. They prefer a natural photographic reportage, with sober shots, without fake poses. Each photographic service is unique in its kind, kept in the slightest details in keeping with the wishes of future Customers. Discretion, seriousness and competence, coupled with willingness, cordiality and sympathy, are the main qualities of their photographic work and filmmaker.
12 March 2017

Real Wedding D&A

If you love a dynamic young photographic style and especially in reportage style you have found the right person Mike Kire Rome photographer and filmmaker in Rome specializing in delivering services Photos and Vdeo. Tell your best day with ease, without poses in order to capture your true emotions. Never intrusive, and with the right experience that stands out for over 25 years. Mike Kire photographer in Rome sucecss will deal with the completion of the Photo and Video Service of every important moment of your most beautiful day, with maximum attention to detail, a factor to be reckoned with.
21 February 2017

February Roman Holiday

29 December 2016


My charming couple from US. I was thinking of hitting the popular spots (Spanish steps and Trevi fountain and the Ruins) early in the morning and doing the Coliseum at night. My Coliseum spot looks like its secluded and gorgeous. Also i would love a shot of yore hanging out outside of a cafe as a “Candid lifestyle” shot.
24 December 2016


Pleasant photo&video for a pleasant couple from Dubai.
16 December 2016


With a couple of newlyweds from China we are visited just two beautiful Italian cities, Florence and Rome. It was a very exciting trip!
25 October 2016


Ralph and Sandra very charming and intelligent couple from San Francisco
13 October 2016


It was an unforgettable trip journey to Venice and Orvieto, along with a friendly couple from Hong Kong
18 September 2016

Two couples from Mexico

Two lovely couples starring in our new theme. Inspired by daily little beauties in life, recording distinctive feelings and various emotions behind every moment, we captured the essence of their alluring love story in our Masterpieces. Gear: Camera Leica MP240, Leica M-E, Lens Summilux 35mm f/1.4 ASPH, Summilux 50mm f1.4 ASPH, APO Summicron 75mm f/2 asph
10 September 2016

individual photoshoot

15 August 2016

a couple from Hong Kong

27 July 2016

The Romans come back

I was pleased to be invited  a photo shoot from one of the creative Belgian couple. It was  good a idea to make the images in Roman dress!
24 July 2016

G&P Matrimonio

18 July 2016

Lily’s entertainment

16 July 2016


Amazing guys from Canada