6 February 2015

Fun family

I recently met with a very fun and positive family! Our excursion was held in an atmosphere of joy, each family member a great sense of humor! We walked in the streets Rome  and fun atmosphere accompanied us!
1 February 2015

pre-wedding in Rome

Photo sessions and guided tours in Rome
21 January 2015

Roman Holiday in winter

Magic moments are worth to be captured in ever-lasting couple portraits able to portray intense passion and happiness for all the years to come. Feeling that my style could match her wishes, they booked a honeymoon photo service in Rome during they are holidays. Making the most of a beautiful sunny day, we walked along the streets of Rome downtown, visiting historical landmarks such as the Colloseum and the Campidoglio Hill, then we went up to the Spanish Steps. Strong passion were flowing from the couple’s eyes and movements and it was quite easy for me to make several romantic photographs with the gorgeous background […]
7 January 2015

Rome engagement shot

Anna and her  would-be husband also enjoyed a short photo walk in Rome: while carelessly walking in the streets, the couple’s excitement and joy was the main focus of a few more passionate couple portraits taken in some of the city’s most picturesque spots.
7 December 2014

Wedding in Como

Wedding in Como,villa Villa Balbianello.
29 November 2014

Wedding in Tivoli

20 November 2014

Pre-wedding in Venice

If you want to capture it in your heart forever, a photographer in Venice will become a real “must-have”, because only skilled and experienced hands of this professional could effectively frame your diamond, which is your love, amidst the wonderful vanishing Venice…  
18 October 2014

Wedding in Venice

14 October 2014

Roman holiday

5 October 2014

Wedding in Nettuno

13 September 2014

Francesca in Venice

15 August 2014

Roman Holiday !

Roman Holiday! Photoset for charming and cute couple!
10 August 2014

Wedding in Rome

29 June 2014

Wedding in Venice

22 April 2014

Wedding in Venice

Wedding in the Cannaregio district of Venice
11 April 2014

Roman holiday

Roman Holiday Tamimi. Pretty girl from the Emirates. Then we went to dinner at the edge of a volcano. This fine dining restaurant serving fish specialties. Then we went to dinner at the edge of a volcano. This fine dining restaurant serving fish specialties. We well as went into a butcher’s shop, and also visited the famous cafe taste delicious Strawberry Cake
25 February 2014
Photographer in Italy

Roman holiday

I was fortunate to do a photo shoot for shots such a charming couple from London Eldred & Tim
26 January 2014

Fun weekend in Rome

Today I had a fun day! I had to make shots for a fun couple !!!
14 January 2014

“Roman adventure”…

20 November 2013

Love Story in Rome

29 October 2013

Rome-Venice love story

12 October 2013

Wedding at Rome

10 October 2013


Konstantin & Maria are 2 very incredible people, and very unique! These guys are adorable and are so much fun. Enjoy their photos as really they rocked my shoes off with their personality! Thanks guys!!!
29 September 2013

Wedding in Tivoli