mikekire.com 00030 - Rome at night
Rome at night
Visiting Rome at night, particularly under the romantic and magical glow of the moonlight, amber streetlights, and the soft golden shimmer of candles at outdoor cafes, you will feel and understand the common saying, “All Roads Lead to Rome”. The adventure and excitement of this tour starts with a ride through the Roman streets, filled with colors and lit-up with different lights everywhere. You will see Colosseum, the Capitoline Hill, Trevi Fountain, the Pantheon, Piazza Navona and the magnificent Basilica of St. Peter’s at night. See how the arches of the Colosseum look, lit up at night. The Pantheon is […]
MIKE0771 - Orvieto - a city in Italy, Umbria
Orvieto — a city in Italy, Umbria
Orvieto was founded by the Etruscans in the 6th century. BC. Albornoz Fortress (Fortezza dell’Albornoz). Orvieto. Umbria. St. Patrick’s Well (Pozzo di San Patrizio) 1527. At the Well of St. Patrick depth of 62 meters, width — 13 meters. As you well understand, there are 2 staircases that do not intersect each other: one is designed for the descent, and the other to lift the ground. Visitors need to be overcome 248 steps.
mikekire.com 2 1649 - Civita di Bagnoregio !
Civita di Bagnoregio !
Civita di Bagnoregio ! Age of the city spans over two and a half thousand years! founded by the Etruscans. — is in the region of Lazio, in the province of Viterbo, about 140 km from Rome. Civita di Bagnoregio — a medieval castle town, having beautiful location, situated on a hilltop between the valleys, you can get there only by a footbridge, a length of about 300 meters. Wind and rain erode soil. Since 1854 the city has dropped to twenty-five meters, and still falls several centimeters per year. I do not know how and why there are so many […]
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Rome at Night
On this page you can find useful information on how to take the best pictures during your visit to Rome, one of the most beautiful cities in the world. If you love photography you can see the most amazing places, with the magnificent light to help you create priceless memories, in the company of experienced photographers.
mikekire.com 20 - Festa delle Castagni
Festa delle Castagni
mikekire.com 224 - Roman holiday
Roman holiday
Mike Kire Profissional Photographer
Rome. It is compelling with its architecture. In daytime it is crowded and noisy, and at night it is peopleless and enigmatic, penetrating into your heart and remaining there forever. The Eternal City. Touch the stones of the ancient Coliseum, the ancient Roman amphitheatre construction of which was finished in the 80-th year by Emperor Titus. Visit the ancient Roman Shrine For All Gods. See the sight of the antiquity engineering achievement, the Pantheon, with its almost substantial pillar of daylight; you can stand within it and remain dry even when it’s raining. See the Vatican, with its largest church […]
Rome is Great fun today! Manifestazione — Roma Via dei Fori Imperiali manifestazione dalle 07:00 del 15 alle 23:00 del 15 febbraio 2015 LE FESTE DI ROMA CARNEVALE AI FORI IMPERIALI Spettacoli teatrali di strada, teatro per ragazzi, danza, musica e spettacoli pirotecnici e acrobatici.
mikekire.com 019 - Roma today
Roma today
On this page you can find useful information on how to take the best pictures during your visit to Rome, one of the most beautiful cities in the world. If you love photography you can see the most amazing places, with the magnificent light to help you create priceless memories, in the company of experienced photographers.
mikekire.com 036 - Venice today
Venice today
I STOOD in Venice, on the Bridge of Sighs; A palace and a prison on each hand: I saw from out the wave her structures rise As from the stroke of the enchanter’s wand; A thousand years their cloudy wings expand Around me, and a dying glory smiles O’er the far times when many a subject land Looked to the wingéd’s Lion’s marble piles, Where Venice sate in state, throned on her hundred isles! Lord Byron (1788–1824)
mikekire.com 005 - Strawberry festival
Strawberry festival
The small town of Nemi in the Roman hills sits overlooking the small volcanic lake of the same name. As well as its stunning, leafy location, it is famed for its fruits of the forest and wild strawberries. Visitors to Rome in late May and early June might like to take part in the famous strawberry festival, or ‘Sagra delle Fragola’, and eat as many as you like. More precisely ‘fragoline di bosco’ which literally means they grow wild in the woods. As the name suggests they are extremely small, more like regular berries. Although May is the main month […]
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Roma today
The legendary company Leica has released a new camera Leica Q. It really is an amazing camera that allows you to get a great color! Leica Q has a very high dynamic range which makes it the best!
mikekire.com14585 - Ancient town's trip
Ancient town’s trip
Sperlonga-Terracina trip. Sperlonga is a beautiful seaside town to the south of Rome. Whitewashed houses are clustered together on a steep headland, the streets warren-like stairways that bring you to unexpected terraces above the sea. The old town is compact and charming, and a pleasure to explore. Sperlonga is a small settlement entrenched around the top of the rocky headland of Monte Magno, jutting out to sea. The village owes its name to the large natural grotto or spelunca that opens out on this coastline. It is where the Emperor Tiberius decided to build his holiday residence and the cave […]
mikekire.com15952 - Rione Jo Laco!
Rione Jo Laco!
Il Pallio della Carriera è in continua evoluzione. Quest’anno le tradizionali feste propiziatorie dei sette rioni storici, si svolgeranno in due giornate: il 17 agosto andranno in scena le feste d’ammonte presso i rione de jo Laco, jo Casteglio e San Pietro; il 18 agosto sarà la volta delle feste d’abballe nei rioni de jo Moro, San Gnaco, Sant’Agostino e jo Curso. Il programma per ogni singolo rione inizia con la celebrazione religiosa nel pomeriggio, a seguire la cena di contrada con l’invito esteso a tutti i contradaioli. La serata si concluderà con feste di contrada aperte al tutti gli avventori, con […]
mikekire.com16715 - Pallio della Carriera
Pallio della Carriera
Quattrocento figuranti in costume secentesco, radunati presso la porta della Peschiera, salutano la venuta di Donna Olimpia Aldobrandini nel suo bel ducato. Il treno storico, impreziosito da spettacoli teatrali, ripropone scene di vita secentesca per le strade del feudo, con lo sfarzo dei colori secenteschi rubati al pittore maledetto, il Caravaggio, autore di un quadro posto in San Pietro Apostolo (in momentaneo deposito presso il museo Barberini in Roma).
mikekire.com 40 - Umbria vacation
Umbria vacation
An exciting vacation a couple of newlyweds on Umbria
mikekire.com 11 - Roma today 13.01.2016
Roma today 13.01.2016
Street shoot photography Shooting was made at the camera Leica Q
mikekire.com 34 - Средневековый Гавигнано
Средневековый Гавигнано
Прогулки и фотосессии по красивым средневековым городам расположенным в горах недалеко от Рима.