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24 октября 2017
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Fashion Magazine
2 ноября 2017

Fashion Magazine

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Shooting for the American Fashion Magazine.

Theory of my Fashion photography !
The unique character of some model  and brand identity is the visible image of a product. For example, someone’s image means a sense of identity and fashion and clothing are central.

Setting up my photos: Neat urban background – lots of detail but the bokeh prevents the cityscape from overwhelming the fashion mode.  Awesome perspective.Pose/Framing: Simple pose with the subject looking into the “negative” space so that the subject first catches the eye and then the viewer looks at the rest of the picture in the direction that the subject is lookig.

Colours: Contrast of colours; subject and foreground are black, background is very colorful.
Depth of Field: Mike Kire notes, “The depth of field in this photograph isn’t super important; the model is in the foreground (with nothing in front of her) and the background is all very far away. Even with the wider angle lens and f-5.6, the background will be slightly blurry. However, if you wanted just the colours and less detail, open the aperture up to f-1.4-2.8 or lower and get some bokeh!”
Post Processing: Post processing in the photo is very minimal. The photographer seemed to be going for the “as close to reality as possible” look. A bit of contrast, saturation, and sharpness make it look similar to real life, but with a tiny bit of “pop” without being too exaggerated.
In a program such as Lightroom, Photoshop adjust settings such as contrast, saturation and colour balance very minutely until the image accurately represents what your eye saw during the photo shoot.  Mike Kire prefer to refrain from cropping or otherwise drastically altering an image because the best way to learn fashion photography is to practice until the photo is successful without any editing!