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Middle Ages

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My exploration of new places near Rome.
I would like to offer tourists an excellent opportunity to make a great photo shoot in a medieval town built on mountain tops.
In many ways Calcata is a very typical Italian borgo, or hill town. Artists and creatives from Italy and overseas began to make their homes in the historic buildings, restoring ruins and bringing the ancient village back to life as a kind of bohemian idyll. Nowadays the village still has some of the sleepy atmosphere of an abandoned village. Visit during a weekday and you’ll find stray cats dozing and the alleys empty. But come lunchtime, holidays and weekends, doors and shutters open and you’ll find galleries to visit, homespun cafes to drink at, and local food to enjoy. As a destination it offers a good balance between authenticity and visitor-friendliness. Although there is not a great deal to do or see in Calcata, it makes a refreshing break from the turmoil of Rome, and, as an example of Italy’s abandoned hill towns, it offers an insight into a different Italy.