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Living Nativity Monterano
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Линдси и Саймон

Presepe Vivente Monterano

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Дорогие друзья! Новая услуга. Поездки в нашем регионе Лацио на средневековые фольклорные праздники! Это костюмированные представления в которых вы сами участвуете и переноситесь в средневековье. Такие праздники проходят круглый год в разное время в разных городах, давайте посмотрим одно из них!
Regional Nature Monterano and the charming village of the same name guarded reserve in hosting one of the most important Christmas events, where the strongest one breathes the atmosphere festive and Christmas: the fifth edition of the Living Nativity of Monterano, on stage day Sunday 18 and Monday, December 26, 2016, and Friday, January 6, 2017.
The 18 date, unusual for this type of events, anticipates the festive atmosphere, and introduces into the Christmas alive, while the date of Santo Stefano adds a typically calm day. On the day of the Epiphany, however, typically dedicated to children, it is enhanced arrival of the Three Kings.
Every year, at Christmas, hundreds of actors and extras populate the evocative ruins of the ancient Monterano, an abandoned medieval village early nineteenth century.
A Monterano the extras are dressed in medieval clothes, and not the Romans as happens in most of the living nativity scenes and not. This choice, in addition to promoting the medieval location, refer to the origin of the tradition of the crib. E ‘in 1223, in fact, the first representation of the Nativity, the work of St. Francis in Greccio: the poor man of Assisi, returning from the Fifth Crusade, recreated Palestine of his time in Greccio, a town of Rieti that reminded the Holy Land at the time in the hands of francs.
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