00287 - Bridal stir the Italian way
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01.01.2012 000371 - Bridal stir the Italian way
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Bridal stir the Italian way

Wedding in ItalyWedding photography in the eternal city of Rome, or in charming Florence, in delightful Venice,
in romantic Verona, in hot Sicily that would drive you mad with its riot of color and mafia secrecy.
Toscana and Veneto, Liguria and Emilia Romania, Calabria and Lazio – they are also to your

Rome. It is compelling with its architecture. In daytime it is crowded and noisy, and at night it is
peopleless and enigmatic, penetrating into your heart and remaining there forever. The Eternal City.
Touch the stones of the ancient Coliseum, the ancient Roman amphitheatre construction of which
was finished in the 80-th year by Emperor Titus. Visit the ancient Roman Shrine For All Gods. See
the sight of the antiquity engineering achievement, the Pantheon, with its almost substantial pillar
of daylight; you can stand within it and remain dry even when it’s raining. See the Vatican, with
its largest church in the world, the St. Peter’s Cathedral. Walk around the Piazza del Popolo, and
around Piazza Navona with its Fountain of the Four Rivers by Bernini. Cast a coin into the famous,
veiled with legends, Fontana di Trevi architected by Salvi; admire two more ancient fountains not
far from there – the Triton Fountain and the Bees’ Fountain, by the same Bernini. All roads lead to

Florence. The Santa Maria del Fiore Cathedral, visible from every location in the city, strikes with
its size. When you approach to it along one of the narrow central lanes, the feeling that the structure
is unreal haunts you; the perspective shatters, and the whole sight is breathtaking. When you escape
from the grasp of narrow lanes and get into the square before the cathedral, you’ll be delighted even
more by the grandeur of the architecture, and of the illustrious Siniorini Square near the Vekkio
Palace and the Ponte Vekkio Bridge… Great Florence, the city of the Medici, of Dante Aliggierri
and Michelangelo Buonarotti. The city where Dostoyevskyi finished his social novel, “Idiot”. The
city in which the world Uffizy Gallery is situated, this great Toscana Dukedom.

Verona. Romantic Verona. The city of Juliette. The arch of the yard of the Juliette house will soon
become so narrow that it will not be possible to pass through it: the whole arch is stuck with the
notes of the in-loved from various countries. By the way, you can send a letter to Juliette to the
address: Club di Giulietta, Via Galilei,3 37133 Verona, Italia – it will be received without fail,
and, no doubt, you will get a reply. There is even the annual award, Premio Cara Giulietta, that is
given for the most moving message. When in Verona, it is worth to see the Verona Amphitheatre
known as just Arena, and see the Giusti Garden, and walk along the lanes breathing the air filled
with romanticism. Walk along the quay and over the bridges; come up onto the walls of the 13-th
century fortress to see the sight of the beautiful Verona city that combines ancient Roman history
and gloomy Middle Ages of the Scaligers.

Venice. “It is so beautiful”, Brodskyi said, “that you understand: one is not able to find in one’s
life – and the more to create by oneself – anything comparable with this beauty”. The Saint Mark
Square, the celebrated bridges and quays, gondolas, music by Vivaldy (a native of Venice), the
winged lions (“they dispel our gloom”, as Brodskyi wrote in his famous essay “Watermark”) –
all these are symbols of Venice, as well as splendid Venetian lace and Venetian glass, as carnival
masks and the atmosphere of absolute happiness.