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Mike Kire: Your Photographer in Rome & Venice

Hi, my name is Mike Kire and I love photography!

The Wedding Photographer in Rome & Venice You Want

Italy is a land of myth and beauty. It draws people to its cities and countrysides constantly, whether for tourism, marriage, or any other reason. I am a freelance wedding photography in Italy who also specializes in Rome-based tourist photo services. It is my job and my pleasure to capture magical moments for you and your family.

The Only Rome Photographer You Need

Engagement, wedding, and “casual” photo shoots among the couples of the world have only increased in popularity, with exotic backgrounds often a shoot must. Brides and grooms leave their city or town for short excursions in romantic environments that include hiring photographers to capture their love, usually in wedding attire. Couples shot without the eyes of friends and family on them are generally more relaxed, ready to express their feelings, and get creative. They also experience wedding day fun in advance, including hair, makeup, and wardrobe fittings. As a wedding photographer in Italy, I provide the meticulous services couples need to ensure the perfect results.

Capture The Beauty Now

If you want to capture the beauty and magic of Venice in your heart and mind forever, take advantage of my skills and experience to obtain the images you crave. I am a wedding photographer in Venice, as well as Tuscany and Rome, and the Italian countryside is a favorite location of mine. Let me help you make the weeks leading up to your big day even more amazing and inspiring–each photo will be unique, full of emotion, and feature one incredible backdrop after another. Contact me by phone today at +39 389-017-48-56 (Italy) to make the brightest moments during this special time last a lifetime.